Synchronize SOGo calendar with MozillaThunderbird

Calendar details including appointment dates, which were generated with the Open Groupware-System SOGo, can be integrated into Mozilla Thunderbird (Version 10.0) without any problems and synchronized automatically. Thunderbird has to be extended with the Add-on “Lightning” (Version 1.2) thereto. The necessary steps are explained below:

  1. Download and Install the Add-on “Lightning”
  2. Include a SOGo calendar
  3. Note: Determine the CalDAV URL of SOGo calendar

Download and Install the Add-on “Lightning”

To install “Lightning” add-on you have to start Thunderbird. In the menu “Extras” the submenu “Add-ons” has to be chosen.

The add-on manager is opening. Type “Lightning” in search box and hit enter. A list with possible add-ons are listed. Chose the add-on “Lightning 1.2.x” and click “Add to Thunderbird”.

During installation accept the warning on the trust of the add-on.

After downloading re-start Thunderbird.

Include a SOGo calendar

After the restart of Mozilla Thunderbird switch in menu list to “File » New » Calendar”.

Create a new network calendar.

Chose CalDAV format and enter a valid URL of the CalDAV calendar SOGo in the input field “address”. How this URL can be necessary determined is explained in the following paragraph. With “Next” click the settings made are taken.

Finally, it must still be given a conclusively name for the calendar (SOGo”). With click “Next” the configuration is finished.

It starts the login dialog “authentication required” to fill the input fields „User name“ and “Password”. Select the option field to allow storing password with password-manager. Otherwise, Thunderbird asks each time the authentication data again.

With the button “Finish” the configuration is finalized and the SOGo calendar „SOGo” is now embedded in Thunderbird.

Note: Determine the CalDAV URL of SOGo calendar

The CalDAV URL of SOGo calendar can be determined in the SOGo interface. After successful registration, in the “Calendar” menu the sub menu “calendar list” is selected.

Inside calendar list, the personal calendar is double clicked. A new window opens, where the settings and links to this calendar can be set up. Change to tab “Links about this calendar” and hover over CalDAV-URL.” A tool tip is displayed and over the context menu the link can be copied.

The syntax for the CalDAV URL using in Thunderbird is the following:

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